Biscuits N Milfs Brothel

Lamia - Lavender Beds - Ward 19 - Plot 29
Saturday and Sunday
10pm - 2am EST
9pm - 1am CST
7pm - 11pm PST

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RULES♦ Please be kind and courteous to our staff at all times
Harassing staff is a bannable offense
♦ Tip your servers/playmates♦ No pedophilia/under age teen kink RP& ERP. You will be removed and blacklisted.♦ If you at any time make staff uncomfortable, you will be removed with a walk of shame.♦ No drama between other guests or staff♦ After any kind of service is purchased there will be no refunds


Booty-n- Biscuits
「 Milf Mommy - Proprietress 」

Booty-n- Biscuits
Milf Mommy - Proprietress

Services♦ Cum Slut, Bartender, Security, Hostess (Fill in)♥ Sub | She/Her☑ Naked table | ☑ Body Shots

Biscuits grew up in the crowded streets of Limsa Lominsa with no parents, running around this pirate themed city she often saw acts of debauchery being committed before her very eyes, as she grew older and older she started having dreams of one day being able to experience such thrills. No amount of guidance or schooling could keep her from this path because as soon as she turned 18, her inner slut came out and from then on she only wanted to please others, even if it meant sacrificing her self worth. She is willing to do almost anything to keep clientele very happy.

Being Dominated, Cum Denial, Asphyxiation, Violence, Rough Sex, Anal, Skullfucking
Hard NOs:
Vore, Anything breeding/pregnancy related.

Biscuits-n- Slooty